Blog #11: December Deals and Christmas Kick-offs

Long time no see, right? So sorry I’v been MIA for a while, but I was prepping for finals, studying my brains out, and writing research papers and marketing cases — and then Christmas quickly came before I could even say “Grandma got run over by a reindeer.”

While my Advertising class has come to an end and I don’t need to upkeep this blog site anymore, I figure ‘why not?’ — I have time on my hands this break and I enjoy writing these posts. So how has advertising and marketing affected me in the last few weeks? Well ….

Last Monday (12/21) I went to an Oh Honey concert at Webster Hall in the city to kick-off my winter break. While I am not particularly a hardcore fan of the group, I went for two primary reasons: to help support an up-and-coming band and because my best friend bought an extra ticket so I could accompany him.  I knew of the concert before my friend because I go to school with the lead singer’s sister — word of mouth communication and advertising right there. My friend had heard about it through social media because he is a fan of both the band and the record label to which they are a part of. Plus, I have been to that venue before and have had good past experiences there, which made me more inclined to attend. So how was the concert? It was great and I had a lot of fun!

Aside from the concert, I also had to do all that last minute Christmas shopping at home this past week since I came home so late from school. While I could have done online shopping to save myself the time and hassle, I did not;  I was *that* person who was pushing and shoving in stores for gifts. I looked at paper ads/circulars for the best savings and deals so I could spare my wallet and bring smiles to my friends’ and family’s faces at the same time. While on the gift giving topic, I received gifts that were purchased both online and in-store, and I got a regift too from one of my family members. I am totally a proponent of the controversial regifting tradition, and do not mind at all being on the receiving end.
Additionally, one of the cool things about being home for the holidays is seeing the neighborhood houses decorate for Christmas. And no, I do not mean put a couple of outlined deer on the lawn or icicles hanging from the roof edges. Because why take the subway to Manhattan to see the same old Rockefeller Tree, the outdoor Macy’s display, and the giant ornaments statue across from Radio City with all the tourists?? See, here in Dyker Heights, homeowners GO ALL OUT!! My neighborhood is so famous that we’re featured on social media, late night news programs, and blog posts, and there are huge bus tours (i.e. “A Slice of Brooklyn” for $50 per person over the age of 13) and bike tours that travel around the neighborhood at night the whole month of December. Since I have grown up in this crazy environment for two decades, the displays have gotten bigger, brighter, and more competitive. And it is not uncommon for groups of people to walk around the blocks with a camera in one hand and a hot chocolate in the other because car parking and traffic are atrocious (and even to the point where NYPD blocks off streets with barriers to allow for pedestrian foot traffic flow). Don’t believe me, check it out ….
So when will advertising and marketing impact me again? New Year’s Eve for sure with digital ads, as I say good-bye to the old and countdown to a new beginning with family by my side and with ah-mazing singers serenading me on my TV set. Until then, enjoy these last few days of 2015 ….

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