Blog #7: On-Campus Club Marketing and Advertising

For those of you who do not know me, I am pretty involved on campus. I am the Vice President of the English Society, which is a club that is geared towards English majors, but is open to any major. I would like to think that we are multifaceted: we offer an outlet for writers/poets to share their outside-of-class work; we offer advice for lowerclassmen on the courses offered here and which teachers are the best for those said courses; we watch literature-based movies, etc.

So as Vice President I am in charge of planning events with the other board members and also running the club’s Twitter account. A problem we have as a club – which I am sure others also run into as well – is grabbing students’ attentions to join and become active members for the semester. Yes, I know what you are probably thinking – English Society sounds lame. But that is exactly what I am trying to avoid – I do not want the club to sound lame or too academic; it is a place for English majors to come together and relax and hang out since all we do is read, write, and analyze 24/7, and extend it for other majors to also enjoy and join. From marketing and advertising perspectives, I make sure that the Twitter page is regularly updated so followers can read about upcoming events, updates, and other cool English major associated tweets ( Other board members also use the Daily Digest system to get the word out all over campus about any upcoming events. And all of my friends and roommates know about my position, so word-of-mouth is crucial and key; I will be honest – a good number of the club’s roster is made up of my friends, who are senior English majors. And speaking of marketing and advertising, I represented the club at the Open House this past Sunday afternoon so prospective students could get a better feel for what kinds of clubs are offered here at Siena.

Your's truly at the November 2015 Open House/Club Fair
Your’s truly at the November 2015 Open House/Club Fair

In addition to being Vice President to a club, I also host and lead a “Walking Dead”/Zombies Discussion twice a month this semester, thanks to my research this summer with the English Department’s Casey Fellowship (zombies in pop culture and the infectious interest they currently have everywhere). Maybe you have seen my posters hanging up everywhere on campus??

My Casey Fellowship Discussion Flyer (2015)
My Casey Fellowship Discussion Flyer (2015)

As part of the deal with the Fellowship Committee, I agreed to run these informal discussions because 1.) not only am I a huge fan of the AMC series, but I know a lot of other college students like it just as much as I do and 2.) I would love to share what I learned to other students who are as equally interested. So why not have my own version of “The Talking Dead” to create a campus-wide conversation about a hit show like “The Walking Dead”?? Additionally I have a 120+ PowerPoint slide presentation (which I made over the summer that highlights various aspects of zombies in different mediums) to go along with the informal verbal discussions. So as a marketer and proponent for this, how do I get the word out? I developed and created my own flyer to be posted all over campus; I advertised it at the English Society’s table at the Fall Club Fair; Dr. Nevárez (my faculty fellowship mentor) e-mailed the flyer as an attachment to students while also promoting her “Zombies!” English Honors Seminar for the Spring 2016 semester; I have spoken in English classes to promote it; I use word of mouth with my friends; and I write and submit Daily Digest posts.

With the mid-season finale coming up in 3 weeks, maybe I will focus on how “The Walking Dead” markets its show, grabs millions of viewers’ attentions, and continues to increase its following with new fans in the fandom …. I guess you will just have to see and come back to the blog next week. (Cue “The Walking Dead” opening music)

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